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Hurricane Irma | September 11, 2017

Ok so maybe Irma wasn’t quite a hurricane…but more of a Tropical Storm that came through Georgia…but she still was a one wicked woman. She left a million Georgians without power. It seems that I was the only person within my family that actually continued to have power throughout the storm. I’m feeling extremely blessed. I’m not sure how I would have survived two hyperactive 5 year olds with no power. I did however make sure that we had enough juice in our electronic devices just in case.

Some activities that occupied our time riding out the storm were book reading, an indoor slide, mommy building a tent, movie watching and making cards for our kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Baker. Well deserved time off that gave us the opportunity to spend some quality time with one another. We are happy that the majority of Georgians made it through. Prayers to those that have been seriously effected by the train of hurricanes the past couple of weeks.

Happy Tuesday!

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