First Trip to the Farmers Market – Charlotte, NC

This past weekend while in Charlotte, I had the opportunity to visit the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market. While I’ve heard of farmers markets for years, I had yet to actually experience one. I’ll be honest in saying that eating healthy has never fully been my thing. I’d diet and eat healthy here and there, but it wasn’t a lifestyle for me. My main reason for not eating healthy is because of the myth that I subscribed too that it was expensive to live this type of lifestyle. People have tried to tell me otherwise over the years, but I just believed it was a crock of you know what…

During this trip I got to see and experience many things. All things made and grown by locals. To me, that was one of the coolest parts. I love to be able to give back to fellow small businesses. During my visit I had the opportunity to sample many items and even purchase a few treats. My two favorite purchases were the mini cinnamon sugar donuts and my terrarium. I’ve been looking for the perfect terrarium for the past 6 months. Most were costly and just not what I wanted but now I have this beautiful one (last picture below) for only $12. I hope to be able to make my own in the near future.

I think the most surprising part of my experience was how affordable the fruits, vegetables and flowers were. Who knew I could have a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables and pretty flower arrangements for under $20? The farmers market is where it’s at! I’ll definitely be making my rounds to the various farmers market here in Georgia and will share my experiences at each. Check out my pictures from Charlotte below.

What are some of your favorite items to purchase at the farmers market? For my Georgia friends, which local farmers markets do you recommend?


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