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Halloween 2017

I went to sleep last night with so much love and joy in my heart. The twins have made some really awesome friendships in their Pre-K class and I’m happy that a year later even though we all go to different elementary schools, they’re still maintaining those friendships. As you’ll see on the pictures, these 5 are close and truly love one another.

For Halloween we (the parents) decided to get the bunch together for Halloween. We started off at the local outdoor shopping mall, but it was no surprise that there wasn’t much candy (if any) at the majority of the stores we went to. I decided that they I needed more candy than that (Hey…..just keeping it real right now), so we ventured off on to a local neighborhood that was just a few minutes away. We hit the jackpot. The neighbors were super friendly and our kids scored some awesome candy. We are all exhausted, but we survived a great night. Hoping to keep this tradition alive!

Take a look at our Halloween fun!

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