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Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

I posted a quote on my Instagram a couple months ago that read “Not dealing with you doesn’t mean I’m angry with you. I simply value my peace over my relationship with you. That’s all.” and I wanted to elaborate on it a little bit more.

I began to find peace around this time last year. Heartbreak, stress and life in general had just begun to catch up with me. I was tired and not really feeling like my normal self. I’d hit my breaking point. Something had to give. Then, one day…things just changed. I decided to let go of everything….expectations, people and unnecessary clutter in my mind. The works. This is where peace of mind finally came into place. I’ve had peace of mind for the most part in my life, but what I didn’t have was control over it. I’d continually let people and situations get the best of me and my emotions. I’d dwell on them, feel a sense of guilt and just begin to stay in a funk for days at a time. This wasn’t healthy and it wasn’t me. Change needed to happen. And soon.

This is the part where I gained control over my life. I began to cut off things and people that didn’t provide me with a sound peace of mind. I learned to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me. And you know what? It became easy. No guilt, pain or regrets. Nothing but pure happiness and joy filled me. I began to submerse myself in uplifting self help books, isolated myself from dating and other distractions, meditated to keep my headspace right and even went to therapy for a couple of sessions to make sure that I was right inside and out. The goal was to heal and be healthy. I feel not being completely healed, healthy, happy and whole had me attracting people that were the same. It was mentally, physically and emotionally draining. I’ll even add toxic to the list. I was tired of being a human punching bag for some. And if I’m being honest, the heartbreak that pushed me to go through this was worth it. It helped me be at peace, live a life of pure happiness, pursue my passions and gifts and overall seek God first and His will for my life. When you truly trust and believe that God will provide you with great things, it makes it so much easier to walk away from the things that no longer bring you peace. I confidently trust that God will always provide me with better no matter what the circumstance.

Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success.


  1. Angelique Strickland

    October 28, 2017 at 10:15 am

    I could not have said or written this bether myself. Peace of mind is an awesome space to be in.

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