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Weekend Shenanigans: Gwinnett County Fair | 9.17.17

Today we had an incredible day at the Gwinnett County Fair. So much so that we were there for FOUR whole hours. This was the twins first trip since they were just 6 months old. I wasn’t quite sure how they’d handle it (mainly the rides), but I have to admit….my kids handle those rides and coasters like some G’s. NOTHING made them sick or scared. They conquered rollercoasters, ferris wheels, fun houses, spinning machines and even the Crazy Mouse ride that I was a little skeptical about. All in all, it was a successful day and they are currently tapped out.

Excuse the picture overload. The fair is perhaps my FAVORITE place to photograph things/people and I got a lot of really great shots. We definitely will be attending every year from here on out. I love starting new traditions. Especially with our twin friends Aiden and Ashton and their mother Jennifer. Hope you all had a great weekend too!


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