Reads: Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success

Last week I read the book the book “Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success” by Steve Harvey. I know most are skeptical about Steve and some of the advice he gives, but that’s another story for another day. Me on the other hand, I love Steve. I feel like he brings some valuable information to the table, especially as it pertains to business.

This entrepreneur mindset is new to me. I’ve never been a business minded person (with real adult goals and visions) until recently. I decided to take on this book in the hopes of picking up a few tidbits that would continue to keep me excited about growing my business. Y’ALL! This book was EV-ER-Y-THING! I loved how Steve spoke specifically on his failures and the people that doubted him. How his father told him never to give up on his dream despite what others have to say about it. So many times I’ve not pursued my dreams due to the fact that I was afraid of being different and doing something that others wouldn’t approve of.

Although I’m just in the beginning stages of pursuing my dreams, this book has taught me not to be afraid. After all, fear and faith cannot coexist. It’s all about your mindset. What you think, you become. I’m choosing to remain confident in myself, chase my dreams, and finally put me first for once. I’m determined that nothing is going to stop me!

Here’s to Labor Day Monday! Remembering as I rest that there is so much to be done to achieve success. It all starts with acting and thinking like a success.

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