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Hello August | 2017

Happy Tuesday! My babies are out of school sick today so I decided to write a little bit to kick off the months of August. I’m hoping to make August a productive month now that binge watching Game of Thrones is no longer consuming my life. 😄 I’ve decided that in order to be productive, writing down my goals and actually seeing them on paper would help me accomplish them. Here’s the rundown:

August 2017 Goals:

  • lose 7 lbs
  • get business cards
  • blog 2x per week
  • read 2 books
  • workout 5x per week
  • drink more water
  • 10k steps per day
  • only 1 cheat meal per week
  • complete Graphic Design Bootcamp courses
  • meditate 20 days this month (minimum of 5 mins)
  • declutter 3 rooms in my home

Hoping to make August a great month and feel better mind body and soul by the time I’m done. What are your goals for the month? Jot them down and share.

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