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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Tatum’s First Haircut (2.21.14)

Dreadfully, the day finally came! Tatum needed his first haircut! I had originally expected to go to another barbershop, but it did not open at the time it was supposed to, so I decided to jump on foursquare and try to find another barbershop near us. In my search, Fadeologist barbershop, inc. came up. I […]

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Snowmaggedon Part I :: 01.28.14

Well, we had quite an eventful week in Georgia last week! The snow came….and it conquered Georgia! Snow fall started around noon Tuesday afternoon and kept us in the house until Friday. The city literally snowballed into something unimaginable. People were trapped on highways, in schools,  stores….you name it…it happened! It took some take 20+ […]

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