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iPhoto Dump :: 9/19/20

As of Monday, the twins turned 24 WEEKS OLD!! OMG! Seriously, where has time gone? 5 1/2 months gone. just. like. that. I’m really enjoying each and every moment though. I can’t describe how having a child changes your life (for the good), but it is by far the best thing I have ever experienced. So rewarding in […]

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iPhoto Dump: 9/12/12

All smiles chubba wubba He’s getting so big I just love her facial expressions They just love one another Hey sweet girl Her new favortie position I heart them My little sicky poo Got home from the mountains and all he wanted to do is cuddle.. And this is why…. I love my muffins Wholly […]

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Tenley Got Her Ears Pierced

Friday, August 10, 2012 we got Tenley’s ears pierced. I was hesitant because of horrid reviews that I read online about mall piercing places such as Claire’s or Piercing Pagoda. After that I just didn’t want to take my chances. Afterall, she’d have these holes in her ears for forever. After doing extensive research….I found […]

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