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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Jogging Stroller

This isn’t actually the first time the twins have been in their jogging stroller. I put them in it once when they were only a couple weeks old, but Tatum didn’t take to it very well. I figured that it might have been too soon. Well last Sunday, I decided to give it another whirl…..and […]

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The Grandparents

The first week in May, when the twins were just a month old, their grandfather and great grandmothers flew down from up north (Canada and Detroit) to meet the babies for the first time. As I looked through these pictures, I could not believe how small my babies once were. WOW, have they gotten big. […]

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My Sweet Tenley Bear

The other day I posted a solo post about Tatum, so it’s only fair that I have a post soley dedicated to my Tenley Bear! Things around here have been pretty crazy, but as the twins grow, they become easier to parent and a lot more fun. We’re getting great sleep these days and I […]

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